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See Arnia hive monitors on BBC1 Click programme

BBC’s flagship technology programme Click is running a feature throughout spring and summer in which they will be using the latest gardening and agricultural tech innovation to help grow food on the Click allotment. This will include monitoring the Click bees with Arnia hive monitors.  Follow the link below to watch the latest feature:-

Could tech save the bee?

You can also read more about Click’s smart allotment through the link below

Click grows food with gadgets on its smart allotment

Arnia installs monitors and CCTV on hives in a teaching and learning garden in California

Arnia’s hive monitors and CCTV have been installed on bee hives in a major community engagement project in Sacramento California. The educational garden has been set up by Capital Public radio and will involve schools from the surrounding area. Huw Evans, Arnia MD was invited  to California to launch the smart hives and also give a series of presentations about how hive monitoring can help to understand and address the problem of honey bee population decline. Follow the links below to listen to the interviews with Huw on the radio station:-

CapRadio Garden Houses Bee colonies

Follow CapRadio Bees

 Remote Hive Monitoring in Bee Culture magazine

Bee Culture is the magazine of American Beekeeping, click on the links below to read two articles about the benefits of remote hive monitoring

Bee Culture article part 1

Bee Culture article part 2


Arnia monitors featured on BBC2 programme Hive Alive!

Hive Alive shown on 15 July explored the remarkable world of the honey bee using an array of cutting edge technology, including Arnia hive monitors and hive scales! Presented by Chris Packam, Martha Kearney and biologist Adam Hart, a team of experts deployed thermal, UV, infra-red and endoscope cameras, time-lapse photography and remote helicopters to investigate bee behaviour. They even managed to tag some of the bees to track their flying and foraging. An Arnia hive monitor was used to demonstrate how bees regulate brood temperature and Arnia hive scales were placed under the hive to monitor weight and track the nectar flow.

If you missed the programme, you can see it on BBC iPlayer or visit the programme website . The second programme in the series will be shown on 22 July at 8.00pm.

Urban Beekeeping in Edmonton Canada: 26 May 2014

A radio interview podcast about a community group called YEGBees which are promoting urban beekeeping in Edmonton and which will be trialing Arnia hive monitors. Listen to the Edmonton AM podcast May 26 2014…

Arnia Hive Monitor trial by Bee Craft magazine

Bee Craft trial the Arnia system in conjunction with North Shropshire Beekeepers Association. The trial is reported in a series of articles from February – May 2014:

Part 1: February 2014.
This article discusses how to set up the hive monitors and access data. Read more….

Part 2: March 2014
The second article by Bee Craft magazine looks in more detail at the hive monitoring data and how it can help interpret the status of a bee colony. Read More….

Part 3: May 2014
This article looks at how the hive monitor data can help to make comparisons between hives. Read more…..

Remote Hive Monitoring; BBKA News April 2013

This article describes the background to the development of the remote hive monitoring system. Read more….  

Keeping bees Happier, Bee Craft February 2013

How bee hive monitors can contribute to research in to bee health and behaviour as well as be a useful aid to bee husbandry. Read more…..

Is there honey still for tea? Countryside Wildlife, August 2012

Can bee hive monitoring can help improve our understanding of bee behaviour and the causes of honey bee population decline? Read more…..

Bee Hive hums recorded to monitor health. BBC news article February 2012

BBC interview with Dr Huw Evans, founder of Arnia, about our research as part of the Insect Pollinators Initiative.  Read more….

Bee Content! Scottish Beekeepers Association Newsletter September 2011

Arnia’s work with Scottish Beekeepers and involvement in the Insect Pollinators Initiative. Read more….