Arnia Annual Summit 2017

As luck would have it, Arnia Founders Huw and Sandra Evans live in the beautiful hills of Tuscany.

The Arnia team are based all over the world including the USA  and when it was time for us all to get together and work on our future plans face to face, where else would we choose to meet!  It took a bit of organising but it was fantastic to get together.

Arnia Team

The Arnia team in Benabbio

Huw shared some footage from his and Sandra’s initial research into the detection of Asian Hornets ahead of our major new project.  We also discussed some developments in our technology including bee acoustics, bee counters and ‘hives of the future’.  If you are interested in being kept up to date with our work, please click on the button below to subscribe.




Despite the productive meeting we found time for pizzas and a ‘whole team trip’ to Orrido di Bottri Canyon and the stunning town of Lucca.  Yes it really does take 15 people 15 times longer than 1 person to go somewhere!

Back home now to start putting our plans into action.

Huw cooking Pizzas

Huw manning the pizza oven


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