Bee Photo Competition

Bee Photo Competition Arnia is looking for photos and videos to feature in its social media, website and other publications. They can be of any subject related to bees or [...]

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm Swarming is a topic that pre-occupies beekeepers around the world, in particular identifying if and when their bees are going to swarm. [...]

Do Varroa Manipulate Honey Bee Behaviour?

Do Varroa Manipulate Honey Bee Behaviour? New research from the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center in Arizona considers whether Varroa mites and viruses are changing honey bee behaviour to improve [...]

Monitoring early season bee activity and the first nectar flow

Monitoring early season bee activity and the first nectar flow With the arrival of spring the bees are increasingly active however the weather is still changeable and nectar flows can [...]

Asian Hornet Watch App

Asian Hornet Watch App The Asian Hornet Vespa velutina nigrithoraxis is a predator of domestic honey bees. Asian hornets arrived in France in 2004 and have since spread across large [...]

Build the Buzz

Build the Buzz Arnia has joined forces with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to launch a national scientific project to help improve the health and welfare of our honeybees. Called [...]

Death’s-Head Hawkmoth, the honey bees’ biggest predator?

While cutting the grass at our Italian bee research facility I came across what is most likely the largest and without question the most beautiful caterpillar I have ever encountered. [...]

Honey bee orientation. Does the 3-3-3 rule work?

Honey bees like all other animals need to navigate their movement in search of food, habitat, a mate and to escape from predators. This article will deal only with how [...]

Hive Humidity

Humidity of the brood nest is important for the overall fitness of a honeybee colony. Numerous studies have demonstrated that either high or low levels of humidity affect the health [...]

Temperature and Thermoregulation in the Beehive

Brood nest temperature is of extreme importance to the colony and is controlled with utmost precision. Honey bees maintain the temperature of the brood nest between 32°C and optimally 35°C [...]