HiveTech Qualifies for NZ Tech Finals

A David V Goliath Battle in the Agri-tech sector. HiveTech Ltd, who are leading providers of technology solutions to the commercial beekeeping industry and Arnia’s partners in New Zealand, have [...]

Internal temperature of overwintering bee hives

Internal temperature of overwintering migratory bee hives  W. G. MEIKLE et al  “Internal hive temperature was found to be an effective response variable in detecting differences among colonies during winter and [...]

After the Swarm

After the Swarm Swarming is a risky business for honey bees. The swarm bees may not find a suitable new residence and perish in bad weather. For the stay at [...]

Honey bee genetics: altruism vs individualism

Honey Bee Genetics Honey bees and other social insects have an unusual reproductive genetic system, different to us and most other insects – it is called haplodiploidy. In this system [...]

Kleptoparasite Beetle, Potosia Opaca

Kleptoparasite Beetle, Potosia Opaca By Sandra Evans, Arnia co-founder The below series of photos and a video, taken in the South of France earlier this summer, show a not so [...]

Mind the Gap!

The dangers of a summer nectar dearth Many places experience a summer nectar dearth; a period when there is a shortage of nectar producing flowers for honey bees to forage [...]

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm Swarming is a topic that pre-occupies beekeepers around the world, in particular identifying if and when their bees are going to swarm. [...]

Monitoring early season bee activity and the first nectar flow

Monitoring early season bee activity and the first nectar flow With the arrival of spring the bees are increasingly active however the weather is still changeable and nectar flows can [...]

Build the Buzz

Build the Buzz Arnia has joined forces with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to launch a national scientific project to help improve the health and welfare of our honeybees. Called [...]