Arnia Hive Scales

Arnia hive scales enable you to remotely monitor how much honey is in your bee hives. The hive scales integrate with our hive monitoring system so you can compare hive weight data with colony activity and weather conditions which is an invaluable aid for colony management. You can:-

  • Map the nectar flow:  Track weight gain over time to see the start and finish of the nectar flow.
  • Identify when the supers are full: Set maximum weight threshold to receive an automatic email/SMS alert when the supers are full.
  • Identify when winter feeding is required: Set minimum weight threshold to receive an email/SMS alert when winter store levels are low and the bees need feeding.
  • Receive swarming and robbing alerts: Receive an automatic email/SMS alert when there is sudden or sharp drop in daytime weight. This can mean robbing or a swarm (the hive weight drops when the bees leave the hive).
  • Compare colony strength and productivity: See which colonies are most productive throughout the season.

You can access the weight data at any time from any internet enabled device. Easy to read graphs show weight gain over time, compare different hives, set maximum and minimum weight alerts and also weight increase/decrease alerts.

Watch our video demonstration of the hive scales user interface

The video shows:-

  • the gentle decline of stores throughout the winter pre-nectar flow.
  • putting the first super on the hive just in time to catch the first nectar flow.
  • the gain of weight during the day and the decrease in weight during the night as the bees process the nectar.
  • when the nectar has stopped coming in and the bees start eating the stores
  • a swarm identified from sudden weight loss!

How do they work?

Simply place the hive scales on the stand under the hive and they will automatically record hive weight. The hive weight data is transmitted wirelessly back to our secure central server through a gateway unit situated in the apiary using the 2G phone network. No power or Wi-Fi is required in the apiary. Our hive scales have a number of unique design features which provide significant benefits for beekeepers:-

  • Accurate measurement of uneven loads: There are 4 load cells (one in each corner) which ensure accurate measurement even if the weight is distributed unevenly.
  • Maintain ventilation and Varroa control through open mesh floors. Our unique hollow centre ‘Doughnut’ Design’ allows mites and debris to fall from the hive and maintains ventilation through open mesh floors.
  • Low profile: The scales are only 3.5cm high and therefore do not significantly alter the height of your hives.

Please contact us if you would like more information or to place an order