How The Bees Saved America. Circa. 1917

During the Revolution there are legends about how bees served their country. According to Tammy Horn, a young Quaker girl named Charity Crabtree was alerted of the imminent attack, and was asked to deliver the message to General George Washington. The wounded soldier who had delivered this message collapsed as a band of Red Coats descended upon the girl. Charity then jumped onto her horse and attempted to flee the onslaught of soldiers, realizing she could not outrun them she turned over her bee skeps which then attacked the soldiers. General Washington in then as quoted by Horn as saying that, “It was the cackling geese that saved Rome, but it is the bees that saved America”

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How the bees saved America!

How the bees saved America!

American Bee Journal, September 1917 Page 307…

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