Increase Honey Yield and Profitability

The Arnia Sentinel Hive System is specifically designed for  commercial beekeepers to help increase efficiency and profitability. The system remotely monitors a sample of ‘indicator’ hives at each apiary to accurately track nectar flows, providing significant benefits:-

 • Increased Honey Yield

Enables more precise timing of apiary visits to add supers, collect honey or move the bees to a new location.

• Reduced operating costs

Fewer visits required just to check apiary status.

• Improved Productivity

Make season to season comparisons of apiary/hive productivity and nectar flow timings.

Product features of the system include:-

• Highly robust and transportable. Designed to monitor hives on pallets or separate hive stands.

• Integrated weather station so that hive data can be directly correlated with weather conditions; this provides vital context for hive weight monitoring.

• Automatic email alerts to notify beekeepers of specified weight changes. You can also receive daily honey reports from each apiary during a nectar flow

• Single map view showing all the apiaries and their current nectar flow status along with local weather conditions.

• Satellite communication available for remote areas. This also offers GPS traceability of hives, vehicles and staff.

The Arnia User Interface can also be integrated with hive records and apiary management information systems to provide a complete beekeeping system.

How can remotely monitoring hives increase my honey yield?

Knowing the exact status of the nectar flow at each apiary enables you to maximise  the honey crop from your hives:-

•Know when to add or remove honey boxes during a nectar flow 

Instant alerts will tell you when honey boxes are full and can be removed or new boxes need to be added. As well as optimizing the honey crop it will help to reduce swarming from overcrowded hives.

 •Know when a nectar flow has finished

Moving bees too early will result in missed honey , leaving honey on when a nectar flow has finished will mean the bees consume the crop.

•Know when to migrate  bees to new nectar source

Relocating bees to a new nectar source before the flow has started  can result in starving bees. Arriving too late will mean lost honey. Placing a Sentinel Hive at the site will enable you to accurately spot the start of the nectar flow and move the bees at the optimum time to maximise honey yield and bee health.

Additional Long Term Benefits

As well as the immediate benefits of  increased honey yield and cost savings, the Arnia Sentinel Hive System will bring a number of medium – long term benefits to help improve profitability and productivity:-

•Selecting best locations to maximise honey yields and bee health

The Arnia User Interface enables season to season comparisons of nectar flow timings,   productivity and weather conditions at different apiaries.

•Improved health and productivity of colonies

Tracking colony behaviour, health and productivity season to season will provide valuable data to inform best management practices, improve colony health and aid with queen selection etc.

•Selecting best performing colonies and queen breeding

Hive to hive comparisons can be made over a season to identify the best performing colonies. Monitoring flight activity and brood temperature can also help with queen selection.

Contact us to receive our Return on Investment Calculator to estimate the potential cost savings  and increased honey yield for your own business. In many cases the system will generate a return on investment in the first season.