Join the UK Honey Bee Observatory

HBO Pic and Graphic

We’re inviting beekeeping associations from across the UK to join an exciting new initiative called the UK Honey Bee Observatory.

The UK Honey Bee Observatory brings together state of the art technology with citizen science to track the progress of hundreds of honeybee colonies across the UK. It will remotely monitor a network of hives in different situations and landscapes. Hives will be fitted with a range of sensors to monitor bee health and behaviour in real-time with all data available remotely over the Internet.

Each hive will be fitted with sensors to monitor weight, brood temperature, humidity and colony acoustics (flight activity, fanning activity and colony development) as well as an apiary weather station. The unique combination of sensors, powerful analytics and clear graphical presentation provides new insights into hive conditions and  bee behaviour

Participating associations will also share in the combined data from the Honey Bee Observatory network of hives. The aggregated data from the geographically widespread network monitored hives will provide an incredibly rich knowledge source for the UK beekeeping community such as nectar flow/dearth timings in different regions, the impact of agricultural practices and weather patterns, or tracking the spread of pests and diseases.

All Associations participating project will receive a 20% subsidy on a complete Arnia monitoring package for 2 hives. To find out more and receive the full specification and registration form please contact us now.   All completed registration forms need to be received by 6 April 2018.