About Arnia

The Arnia remote hive monitoring system was developed by beekeepers, for beekeepers.

It is our ambition, in collaboration with our partners and customers to develop breakthroughs in our understanding of bee populations that will significantly improve the health and welfare of the world’s bees.

Arnia’s ambitious objectives are to:

  • Establish our monitors as essential tools for each and every beekeeper in the world.
  • Constantly improve the scope, quality and relevance of our monitors to the craft of bee keeping and the science of bee research.
  • Establish strategic partnerships to drive the collection and interpretation of aggregated bee data from our growing base of hive monitoring customers.
  • Share the results of our  data analysis with our global community of bee enthusiasts  to improve our collective understanding of bees and help develop a sustainable, healthy and productive bee population
  • Use our bee data to educate governments, corporations and the wider public about the importance of bees to our ecosystem and food supply chain.