Better Knowledge for Bee Health

Arnia’s state of the art remote hive monitoring system provides vital information on colony status direct to your phone, tablet or PC. We have been monitoring bees since 2009 and currently have systems working in more than 25 countries.

We are unique in combining colony acoustics monitoring with brood temperature, humidity, hive weight, bee counts and apiary weather conditions.  Our User Interface enables you to directly compare data from multiple sensors to provide a level of insight into colony health and behaviour that is otherwise unattainable.

As well as monitoring your own colonies, you will be able to share in the combined data and knowledge from our global network of monitored hives.  We continuously analyse our aggregated bee data to identify new health or behaviour signatures which we then add to our User Interface for the benefit of all our customers.

Join our global community of beekeepers, bee scientists and bee enthusiasts to gain new insights into bee behaviour and help improve the welfare of the world’s bees.  We offer different monitoring packages to suit the needs of hobby beekeepers, commercial beekeepers and bee scientists. Click on the links below to find out more.


Bee hive monitoring checking frames

 Hobby Beekeepers

Learn more about your bees whilst disturbing them less to keep strong and healthy colonies.

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Bee Hive Monitoring managing the hive

 Commercial Beekeepers

Accurately track nectar flows at multiple apiaries to increase your honey yield and improve profitability.

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Bee hive monitoring research

 Bee Scientists

Receive accurate, high resolution and continuous bee data from multiple sensors and hives.

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Take a look at the demonstration video of our user interface.

Other demonstration videos of the user interface are available. Click on the links below:-

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Why Choose Arnia Hive Monitors?

      • Access to hive status from any internet enabled device.
      • Remotely monitor activity, temperatures, humidity and weight.
      • View or download historical data.
      • Instant alerts of theft or vandalism.
      • Compare apiaries; aimed at large scale beekeeping operations.

What Clients Say

Since installing the monitors I have not been disappointed. The monitors do what they say on the tin. It is very comforting to simply check on the bees wellbeing by logging in. The amount of data the monitors produce is amazing.
Nigel Sweeney, Bishop Stortford Beekeepers Association
I do think this device is really useful and it has a lot of applications for scientific research; there’s no doubt about that because of the resolution of the data.
Honey Bee Researcher, Newcastle University
I had a colony with a failing queen and very little brood. I removed the queen and introduced a new mated queen. Without disturbing the bees I was able to tell that the new queen had been accepted and was laying.
Mary Hill, Beekeeper
Dealing with Arnia has also been a joy. They have given me superb customer service, advice and knowledge. Arnia are all about the bees welfare and their product and ethos strongly reflects this.
Nigel Sweeney, Bishop Stortford Beekeepers Association
The Arnia system allows easy monitoring of your hives, it can give you an idea of what the bees are doing and when. It does not obviate the need for inspections, but reduces the frequency of necessary disturbance of the hive.
John Cooper, Beekeeper