Business & Representative Advisers In Claims
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There are some wonderful business informastionand advice agencies out in the working world.  I remember when a case officer in the world of employment law – there were no end of agencies able and willing to assist the claimant side of a claim.  In fact one of the first questions a claimant was asked when they enquired about solicitors assistance, was “do you have compreshensive home contents, if so you are probably covered under  your policy”.   That means they could contact their insurers and ask for legal representation if their claim is deemed to be worth winning.   We also asked if they were members a trade union at their place of work – then they would get automatic considerastion if they had qualifying service.  Again, the union solicitors would insist on taking over the claim and jetisoning it if it had no foreseeable merit.  Then there was the respondent – the employer who opens the post and suddenly realises he has as claim to defend, submitted to the employment tribunals by a usually very disgruntled ex member of staff.   Now the respondent only has one or two consultants in employment law for advice unless they instruct their own in-house legal team or a nearby solicitor company for the duration of the claim.