BeesMAX and Arnia collaborate on new educational initiative

BeesMAX and Arnia collaborate on new educational initiative A major environmental problem facing Europe today is the decline of the honey bee. BeesMAX is a company that plans to tackle [...]

Fascinating life of the ‘sweat bee’ (Lassioglossum spp.)

Fascinating life of the ‘sweat bee’ (Lassioglossum spp.) Even though my attention is mainly focused on honey bees I am fascinated by the amazing array of wild bees that quietly [...]

Humidity in the Hive

Humidity in the Hive To maintain a stable environment in the hive, bees need to control temperature, CO₂ and humidity; however the focus of attention is usually brood temperature.  There [...]

Watch your Weight!

Watch Your Weight! How well your bees go into the winter is of paramount importance to the colony’s success next season and its potential to produce a good crop. All [...]

Asian Hornet Alert!

Arnia Makes Major Breakthrough in the Fight Against Asian Hornet Following extensive research Arnia has successfully developed a means to remotely detect, alert and locate an Asian Hornet attack on [...]

Watch Asian Hornets Catching Bees

Hawking Hornets in Action Whilst conducting research into Vespa velutina (Asian Hornet) in Italy, Arnia founders Huw and Sandra Evans captured some amazing video and photographs hornets hawking at bee [...]

After the Swarm

After the Swarm Swarming is a risky business for honey bees. The swarm bees may not find a suitable new residence and perish in bad weather. For the stay at [...]

Honey bee genetics: altruism vs individualism

Honey Bee Genetics Honey bees and other social insects have an unusual reproductive genetic system, different to us and most other insects – it is called haplodiploidy. In this system [...]

Love Affair with Lavender

Love Affair With Lavender The diversity of insects that forage on lavender is quite astounding, even though they are only foraging for nectar, not pollen. I counted 19 different species [...]

Arnia Summit 2017

Arnia Annual Summit 2017 As luck would have it, Arnia Founders Huw and Sandra Evans live in the beautiful hills of Tuscany. The Arnia team are based all over the [...]