Watch your Weight!

Watch Your Weight! How well your bees go into the winter is of paramount importance to the colony’s success next season and its potential to produce a good crop. All [...]

Kleptoparasite Beetle, Potosia Opaca

Kleptoparasite Beetle, Potosia Opaca By Sandra Evans, Arnia co-founder The below series of photos and a video, taken in the South of France earlier this summer, show a not so [...]

Wired vs Wireless Foundation

Wired vs Wireless Foundation Researchers from University of North Carolina at Greensboro have studied the effects of steel foundation wire on honey bee brood health. They have shown that brood [...]

Hive Humidity

Humidity of the brood nest is important for the overall fitness of a honeybee colony. Numerous studies have demonstrated that either high or low levels of humidity affect the health [...]

Temperature and Thermoregulation in the Beehive

Brood nest temperature is of extreme importance to the colony and is controlled with utmost precision. Honey bees maintain the temperature of the brood nest between 32°C and optimally 35°C [...]