Humidity in the Hive

Humidity in the Hive To maintain a stable environment in the hive, bees need to control temperature, CO₂ and humidity; however the focus of attention is usually brood temperature.  There [...]

Watch Asian Hornets Catching Bees

Hawking Hornets in Action Whilst conducting research into Vespa velutina (Asian Hornet) in Italy, Arnia founders Huw and Sandra Evans captured some amazing video and photographs hornets hawking at bee [...]

After the Swarm

After the Swarm Swarming is a risky business for honey bees. The swarm bees may not find a suitable new residence and perish in bad weather. For the stay at [...]

Honey bee genetics: altruism vs individualism

Honey Bee Genetics Honey bees and other social insects have an unusual reproductive genetic system, different to us and most other insects – it is called haplodiploidy. In this system [...]

How the bees saved America

How The Bees Saved America. Circa. 1917 During the Revolution there are legends about how bees served their country. According to Tammy Horn, a young Quaker girl named Charity Crabtree was [...]

Human activity is a key driver in the spread of pathogens.

HUMAN ACTIVITY IS A KEY DRIVER IN THE SPREAD OF PATHOGENS AFFLICTING THE EUROPEAN HONEY BEE Robert Owen is author of The Australian Beekeeping Handbook, owner of a beekeeping supply company, [...]

Bumblebee Buzz Makes Flowers Explode With Pollen

Bumblebee Buzz Makes Flowers Explode With Pollen The fuzzy pollinators vibrate in the key of the Beatles song “Hey Jude” to make flowers give up their goods. This great article [...]

Mind the Gap!

The dangers of a summer nectar dearth Many places experience a summer nectar dearth; a period when there is a shortage of nectar producing flowers for honey bees to forage [...]

Mark Jackson Joins Arnia as CEO

Arnia is in the press this week following the announcement that Mark Jackson has joined the Board as CEO. From BDaily this morning:   Mark Jackson has been appointed to [...]

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm

The Behaviour of Honey Bees Preparing to Swarm Swarming is a topic that pre-occupies beekeepers around the world, in particular identifying if and when their bees are going to swarm. [...]