Meet the team – Mark Jackson, Arnia CEO – Leading the company into technology breakthroughs and bee education

 Mark is relatively new to the world of beekeeping, only setting up his first beehive when he took over as CEO of Arnia in 2016.  He describes himself as ‘hooked’ already though as the world of bees has turned out to be much more fascinating and complex than he first thought.

Mark started his working life as a Mechanical Engineer at Nissan supplier, Bundy and in 2011 became Chairman of the NE Region Institution of Mechanical Engineers where he remained in post for several years.  He was also a Director at Knowledge House in Newcastle where hefacilitated over 2000 collaborative partnerships between technology based start-ups and Universities, covering a diverse range of products from electronic greetings cards to innovative wall ties.

It is his interest in engineering and technology, combined with his experience in helping companies grow and diversify that influences Arnia today.  New projects already underway include; Asian Hornet Detection, Smart Hives, and investigation into global uses for the data the Arnia equipment can collect.

But while these developments within Arnia are both fascinating and challenging, Mark’s real passion lies with inspiring future generations of scientists, beekeepers and engineers.  A major project for Arnia over the coming months will be the finalising of a curriculum ready, STEM module, based on bee science for roll-out nationally in Primary Schools.

Outside of the world of bees and his other businesses, Mark spends his time with his family and enjoys playing Rugby, skiing and sailing as well as trying to keep generally fit.

Arnia CEO Mark Jackson

Arnia CEO Mark Jackson